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Alhambra Guitars is aware of the current world health situation caused by the COVID-19 virus, and that is why it launches this initiative that aims to motivate and encourage, through the guitar, the entire music-loving and amateur guitarist population.

The guitar is the most versatile and widespread instrument in existence, as well as the most intimate and personal.

Speaking of guitar is to speak of "guitars" since it brings together a great variety of instruments that, according to their own characteristics, have become established in the classical, flamenco, jazz, folk, popular music...

Its multiple possibilities have led it to enter and be very present in all musical styles, becoming truly essential in many of them.

Alhambra Guitars is aware of the benefit that music offers in all kinds of situations, especially in those complicated moments, in which it serves as a vehicle for the expression of emotions that are difficult to translate through other types of language. It is then when it becomes a very useful healing tool to calm us down, to make us happy, to unite us, to share...

That is why we are calling this Competition, as a worldwide debut, addressed especially to you, an amateur guitarist of any musical style, who devotes a good part of your leisure time to playing the guitar for the pure pleasure of enjoying its sound and which allows you to develop your creativity in a playful way, notably enriching your spirit.